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Product sizes:
EE 20 (up to 0,5 VA)
EI 30 (up to 2,8 VA)
EI 38 (up to 4,5 VA)
EI 42 (up to 6,0 VA)
EI 48 (up to 12 VA)
EI 54 (up to 20 VA)
EI 60 (up to 35 VA)
EI 66 (up to 47 VA)
Fine wire coils sub-assemblies
team magnetics stands for quality!

Our product range comprises standard products e.g. pcb transformers 50/60 Hz as well as custom solutions such as ignition transformers, coils, inductive components and ferrite transformers.

Small pcb transformers (50/60 Hz;  0,3 – 100 VA)
Product sizes:
EE 20 – EI 30 Standard class F ta70°C
EI 38 – EI 42 Standard class B ta 70°C
EI 48/EI54/EI60/EI66/EI78 –custom built solutions

It is our challenge to work together with you on special solutions for your specific products and to find innovative improvements in design and technology.

Design on request:
Ignition transformers – coils – inductive components – subassemblies – ferrite transformers

Data sheets are available as PDF...      (download)

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